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M is MI’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years – a combination of factors such as animal welfare, the environment, health and because Morrissey told me it was murder. Everyone in my house is vegetarian (apart from the cats). Being a vegetarian in the UK in 2015 is a doddle* just about every cafe and restaurant has at least one veggie option and supermarkets have plenty of choices and of course if you cook at home you are in charge.

But life on the road, and in countries where the concept of vegetarianism is alien might be difficult and needs some planning and research. From what I’ve read so far I will need to get used to eating lots of starters in Turkey and Iran and need to be prepared to go hungry in Pakistan, but by the time I get to India… it’s the world capital of vegetarians – with over 350 million vegetarians in the country:

  • What do I know about veggie food in these countries?
  • Useful links
  • Useful words & phrases

Veggie Balkans

Veggie Turkey

Veggie Iran:
Happy Cow (Tehran)
Trip Advisor

Throughout my trip I’ll be posting and tweeting about veggie life on the road.


[* “Being a vegetarian in the UK in 2015 is a doddle” says the man who’s been veggie for 20 years, if you are a new veggie, veggie-curious, aren’t sure or need help check out the Vegetarian Society – they’re great ]


2 thoughts on “Veggie Friendly

  1. sue reed

    Hi Dave, Well, it all sounds amazing and I trust you got back !! No doubt Eejay enjoyed a Morrissey free few months!! Disappointingly no photos of you looking suitably weary and weather beaten but… can’t have everything. I live a social media free life, so won’t be tweeting, facebooking or anything similar, but hope it was the best of adventures and will provide you with a wealth of tales to tell.
    Sue Reed x

    1. davenunns Post author

      Hi Sue
      Yes I got back safe and sound at the end of June 2015. It was the trip of a lifetime, but I still have the wanderlust… Planning something for 2017
      I’ve lost your email and phone – drop me a line davenunns at hotmail dot com would be good to catch up.


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