On the road

This pages includes a live map showing where I am using Spotwalla to link up to a Spot Gen3 satellite tracker to create a map using breadcrumb / messages from the Spot.

I still need to figure out how to embed a map on this site via Spotwalla (I’m not convinced it is possible on a wordpress.com website). For now, click on the image below to see where I am.

lego biker 2

If you want to see the whole trip, not just the last day, click on ‘Far Off Places’ at the top of the map, then ‘adjustments’ then ‘history’. I’ll try to sort it out so the whole trip shows from the start.

Here is a link to a mileage table via a link to drop box that I will update throughout the trip. Here is the chart

Information, stories and news from the trip will be featured in posts listed on the home page.


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