My first ‘Throwback Thursday’

Preparations are put on hold as nostalgia sinks in… (Who said “you’re wasting you time”?) My obsession with motorbikes and India goes back a long way… to 2001

Everyone wants an Enfield Machismo,


check out Enfield’s latest adventure panniers (available in all good hardware stores),


and comfy touring seat.


No idea what this is, but have no doubt there were 15 kids crammed in the back before long.


I’ve even done a bit of touring in India already (not sure a scooter in Diu counts)



Fear not, Garmin’s latest map of India has just been released (abandoned school building, Diu)


Even I have had a Diana moment… just one, mind. Next one due sometime around the end of May – with an extra princess in the frame.



6 thoughts on “My first ‘Throwback Thursday’

  1. Desi

    What else do you have to do still before the big day?

    Desi, the cubicle dweller from Ontario
    “How I Dearly Wish I Was Not Here”


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