So, I’m back in Blighty, and the dream of an overland adventure to India has been shattered, loaded onto a palette and flown home.

The bike is now with Adventure Bike Warehouse in Salford and they are going to see what they can do with it – a combination of fixing what is there, buying second hand parts and if all else fails buying new from BMW.

I am generally ok (I’m writing this two weeks after the accident), but I think I cracked a rib in the accident (not the first time and won’t be the last) and that will take time to heal (4 – 6 weeks if past experience is anything to go by).

I have still got a month or so off work and I’m determined to do something with it – not 100% sure what yet. I want to spend some time with the family, see friends and I have some unfinished business involving the Himalayas.

Thanks to Mehmet in Istanbul, I’ve made contact with a very experienced traveler in India, Oguz, who, in turn, has recommended a company that hires motorbikes and arranges trips in Ladakh – Motorcycle Expeditions. I’m arranging for a guide from this company to accompany me on a route  – this is a half way house between me riding solo and joining an organised trip and is something that my family feel happy with given the accident in Turkey.

My route needs to change. Instead of my original plan to cross the border at Amritsar, travel north to Dharamsala (home of the Dalai Lama) and Srinagar, East via Kargill to Leh to ride the Khardungla then south to Manali and eventually to Delhi to fly home.

FoP Original plan for India b

Original route for India

I am now looking to flying into Amritsar then travelling to Dharamsala and Manali via bus. I will then pick up a bike an guide and start a 18 – 19 day ride – starting with the Spiti – Kinaur Loop, riding the Manali – Leh road north, a series of short trips to Alchi, Khardungla and Tso Mo Riri and Tso Kar before heading back to Manali. Something like this

FoP New plan for India

New route for India

The map in the Planing section will constantly change over the next few weeks to reflect this change in planning.

As my plans develop and the bike gets fixed I’ll blog, but until then expect radio silence.


4 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Will

    Fantastic spirit Dave. You’ll love your time in India. You’ll still get an adventure don’t you worry!
    Ride safe mate. Cheers

  2. Angus young

    Fantastic good luck with your future
    Hope we can meet up one day and have a beer and a chat I would love to do another trip


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