Day 10: Heifer Whines 

Time to leave Sarajevo and head for the coast of Montenegro, via the Tara canyon on the border between the two countries. I wasn’t sure where I would end up, and I had half an eye on trying to get to Turkey for Friday to collect my Iranian visa. 

The road to the border was, erm, interesting. Lovely scenery, but rubbish Tarmac, and at the start of the Tara canyon there were road crews everywhere making repairs. There were opportunities (not taken) to ride off road, and I came across something I didn’t think I’d see on the road until I got to India – cows!



The other side of the boarder was phenomenal. My sat nav said straight ahead for 49 miles – but that was 49 miles of switch back, sweeping bends, and tunnels, tunnels, tunnels. The canyon opened up to glorious views.

 Kotor Bay is renowned for its beauty, and it’s true. 

 Sadly, Kotor itself was like Benidorm – over developed and over crowded. So I whizzed down the coast to Budva where I found a cafe with wifi and booked a place a few hours away in Ulcinj – when I got there at sun set and the owner of the hotel (who also runs a restaurant next door) gave me a pint, I knew I’d made the right choice.



4 thoughts on “Day 10: Heifer Whines 

  1. Will

    Hey Dave, I thought I’d lost you! I couldn’t see how to find new posts on my iPhone. Kate worked it out for me (click on “far off places) and I’ve just read day 4-10. Sounds like you’re having a ball. Nice writing style. Keep it up. Cheers

    1. davenunns Post author

      Behind every good man there’s a great woman…
      Glad you are enjoying it Will. Don’t think there will be a book I it though 😀

  2. Desi

    Great reference… lol
    I was just listening to that album on my iPod on my way into work this morning.
    If I came around a blind corner and saw them on the road I’d get such a shock I’d probably jump in the… ditch


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