Days 14: You’re the one for me, Fatih

The trip reached a big milestone today, leaving Europe behind and entering Asia, although if you believe the good people of Istanbul, the border between the two continents is the river Bospherous – that crossing will have to wait a day or two. 

I didn’t stop (except for petrol and the border) between here and Alexandropolis so few photos of the route. The only real thing to note was a massive rain storm about an hour out of Istanbul. I sheltered under a motorway bridge for half an hour as the rain bounced off the road. 


My hotel is a lovely Ottoman wooden building (noisy mind, the call from the mosque feels like it’s right next to my window, still, welcome to Istanbul). It felt very familiar walking around the main tourist parts of the city – as a family we came here last year and spent a week here. So, Blue Mosque, Agia Sofia, Egyptian columns all ticked off. 

I spent an hour inside the Blue Mosque trying (and failing) to get a photograph I was happy with (the light inside and the size of the place is just bobbins for cameras) but here goes 


Outside, it’s a different story. The building is just stunning. 


   Opposite is the Agia (Hagia?) Sophia, which again is stunning

Dinner made a refreshing change from pizza. From an Ottoman restaurant on one of the main tourist streets, called Baron’s – so successful that opposite is Baron’s 2. Not fast food, but instant food, served up as quick as you order it by the fastest draw in the East.

Lovely: a spinach, aubergine, stuffed peppers and rice special. 


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