Truly Disappointed 

Thursday 7th May: Can’t believe I’m writing this, but it looks like the trip might be over. I was involved in an accident last night whilst looking for my hotel in Kars (far eastern Turkey). 

Firstly, I’m ok. Nothing broken, just battered and bruised. 

The bike came off worse –  front / side on collision with a car – we hit at right angles – my wheel hit the front of his van, my helmet smashed his windscreen and my shoulder has made another pot hole in the road. The wheel is probably ruined, brake discs definately, forks bent, fork clamp snapped in two, assorted bits of plastics scattered around the street. There’s no way I can tell if the frame is bent (I’d be surprised if it wasn’t). No idea if the radiators are broken. 

Police and ambulances arrived straight away. 10 minutes later someone who could speak English. 
It was probably my fault – unused to the city, pitch black, the end of a 600 mile and 11 hour ride. I thought I was on a straight road, didn’t realise it was an unmarked cross roads. The van driver is local and knows the area. He says it was my fault. I’m not sure I can argue with him. But frustrating all the same. 100 yards from my bloody hotel. 


I’m in touch with a really helpful member of the Horizon Unlimited forum – Mehmet Zeki Avar – who has been really helpful (both before, in planning, and late last night). He has suggested getting the bike on a train to Ankara on Friday morning to let a BMW dealer assess it on Saturday (it’s a 24 hour train). Hopefully something can be salvaged, but any delay will affect my plans for Iran, Pakistan and ultimately India. I was due to cross the border into Iran today for the start of a 9 day crossing… But this clearly isn’t happening. Instead, a day of lying in bed, aching and getting up to date with the last few days worth of blogging. I’ll sort train tickets later and the hotel has already arranged for a truck to take me to the station at 7am. 

Words escape me to describe how disappointed, angry and upset I am.

The day can only get worse if that git Cameron wins the general election back home in Blighty. 


16 thoughts on “Truly Disappointed 

  1. Will

    Oh f@cking b@llocks. What a massive shame. Thank your lucky stars you’re ok but judging by the damage it looks like it might be home time. What a load of shite

    1. davenunns Post author

      I fear you are right Will.. But I need to cling to something, so 24hr train journey tomorrow to get the bike to a BMW garage to see what they say…

  2. Desi

    Aww sh*t. Bikes can be repaired, Dave’s can not be fixed up as easily. Its good to hear that you aren’t as busted up as the bike.
    Although we are reading this half a world away, let us know if there is anything we can do.

  3. rose

    hopefully something can be salvaged and it might get fixed…there is nothing worse than ‘unfinished business’

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  5. Nia

    hi Dave, gutted to read your blog today, fingers crossed that you can carry on, the main thing is that you’re ok. It’s a great achievement to get this far, you should be proud.

    Totally agree about the git Cameron! Take care Dave, look forward to hear what happens next. Keep smiling, all the best. Nia

  6. John smart

    Shit Dave, that’s a blow. Glad you’re not too knocked about. Can you reschedule /reorganise your visa dates for Iran if you can’t back on the road for a while?

    1. davenunns Post author

      Hi John. It’s not really the visa dates that are the problem (I think I have a 3 month window for Iran though I’d need to organise a new guide) but it’s life and other stuff tying me to a time table. Need to be back at work at the end of June, family flying to India end of May.
      There’s a bit of wriggle room if BMW can fix it inside a week, but if it will take longer my thoughts are to fly me and the bike home, then fly to India at half term, then rent a bike there.
      I don’t know about plan b,c and d.. More like q,r&s

  7. chris vickers

    Hi Dave, glad you are ok. I’m enjoying reading your trip blog so carry on OK! Get the bike to bmw. Ask them to just fix what’s necessary forks, brakes etc and not to worry with aesthetics. Good luck and even though you may feel helpless sitting there, be strong and have patience. 😊

  8. minky

    gutted for you dave hopfully you can get it fixed ..i like your india enfield plan b .thats the spirit ! if me and the other guys can help in anyway just ask ..if youwant anything dhl out to you or anything like that just give us a shout …keep well

    minky nethan tony andy chris chris andy ectect ect


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