B side days 13+: Bullet in his Gullet

I’ve just published two blog post (which were timed for the last couple of days but for some reason didn’t up load). But this is probably going to be it until I get home in a few weeks. 

Dozy so and so that I am, I’ve lost my iPad  – took it out of my tank bag to grab my camera, placed it on top of my other bags, forgot about it, rode off… It will either be in someone’s lucky hands or half way down the side of a mountain by now. With it has gone any chance of dealing with pictures from my cameras and blog post without pictures are soooooo dull. 

The best I will be able to do is tweet pictures from my iPhone. 

Like this one from today on what they claim is the second highest road in the world. Scary-bright-pink-faced selfie alert!!!!

But, there is good stuf to come… Thrills & spills and hopefully no ills. So hold the front page!


3 thoughts on “B side days 13+: Bullet in his Gullet

  1. Will wilkins

    Bummer Re iPad… If you start a blogspot you can upload photos straight from your iPhone. Works well or just enjoy yourself and let the armchair travellers find something else to do….

    Have fun!

    1. davenunns Post author

      Cheers Will. I can post from my phone no prob. What I can’t do is download decent pics from my camera to my iPhone.
      In reality, I’ve barely had any internet access for the last week and wouldn’t be able to post much anyway. It can all wait.


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