Day 3: Romantic and square is hip and aware

To some extent, my route through Europe hasn’t been too well planned, it’s just something to get through before the interesting stuff down the Dalmatian Coast, Turkey and beyond.  The goal for day 3 was to ride the Romantic Road from Wurzburg to Fussen, I’d done a little research, not much if I’m honest. 

The route was created in the 1960s to promote tourism in the region. It connects together a host of pretty towns, medieval church’s and castles. Walt Disney obviously visited because the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is said to be the inspiration for Pinochio’s village and Neuschwanstein was the base for Cinderella’s castle. 

I did download a GPS track of the route. Problem is that I haven’t stored the route correctly on my sat nav, so it is just a collection of points to head for rather than the route… So, a morning spent going the wrong way, missing the actual route and making very slow progress. I visited the first 8 stops, then realised I’d make better progress in visiting every fourth one… But then realised I’d missed a key stop off… I abandoned the road half way through – it was the only way I would make it to Fussen at a reasonable hour. 

So, not many photos from the Romantic Road. If you are interested, Google is Your Friend. 

For starters, Wurzburg’s church (maybe a cathedral?)


A market, somewhere.  


This took my breath away, my first sight of The Alps. Simply stunning (as I write this on day 4 I’ve got a bit blasé about them all  


Cinderalla’s castle.   


Sadly, a highlight was discovering that there is a Morrissey car park in Fussen!   

I booked an apartment via – Apartment Scheibel – nice enough place, sleeps 5 at a push, so I was in my element on my own. But what was really interesting, the guy who owns the place, Mr Scheibel is a biker, and in 1973 he had the fastest bike in Germany! Turns out he used to run an engineering company make no some parts, importing others. He still has the Honda 750 Four in the garage. I wonder how often Scheibel Hondas come up for sale?

Final picture (cheating from Day 4) what a view from my apartment. 



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