Day 6: I’m ok by myself

Day 6 started where day 5 finished, inVerona, I said goodbye to Rob, and then again and again as we kept bumping into each other in the lifts – good luck Rob, hope to read lots about you for a long time to come. I popped into Verona to see the sights – well didn’t bother with THE balcony, but I did see the arena. They are obviously preparing a new production of something Egyptian





I went on a wild goose chase looking for an Apple Store – Google and Apple said there were 3 in the city, I could only find one and it was closed –  on a Saturday – when do they expect to sell anything if they don’t open on Saturday?

I then took the slow road to Trieste – that way I can stop when I want for photos if something looks interesting – I’ll be doing more of this as I slow down the further south I go. One of the reasons I wanted to stop off in Trieste was to see the Joyce Musueum – poor planning again, it closes at lunch time on a Saturday. Truly disappointed. 

Trieste is close to the border with Slovenia, I was only whizzing through Slovenia for an hour but still had to buy a Vignette (road tax). I stopped in Piran, which is a really pretty town, and I managed to interrupt a couple’s wedding photos. Bless. 


 I ended the day in Porec, in Croatia. It was the first place I went on holiday abroad as a kid, so it’s a trip down memory lane for tomorrow…..


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